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youre gonna look so godamn cool

Anonymous said:
Um, hi! I was wondering if you could do a mini tutorial on how to colour clouds? (You don't have to do this uvu) I really love your word, I'm inspired by it!



i got multiple questions about this, so i’ll just answer it on this ask

sorry i kept putting it off for so long…

so… i guess i would think of what kind of sky i would want

i like sunsets, so i’ll draw that


so i start with the very back color; it’s a dull purple

my intent is to go from purple/dark grey->peach/pink


i like to use this fuzzy brush

imagenot sure what to call these… the ‘back’ / ‘dark’ clouds?

i put on random splotches at 40~50% opacity of dark blue around the edges


imagei’m going to put my light source at the bottom right, so i put a rusty orange color slightly at 10~20% opacity

imagethen i blended the colors before i started to add more colors

the more you blend, the better the picture will look 8)

imagenow i put my pen at around size 8-10 to put in thin areas of peach/gold where the light will hit at around 60% opacity


color it where ever you think it looks good 


i like to adjust my colors and edit on sai

on an overlay layer on top of the drawing, i airbrushed so dark blue in at the top left and right


then near the end i like to use the combination of lower brightness and higher contrast

i’ll put a video later since my explanation is horrible most of the time…

sorry i put the drawing sideways… it wouldn’t fit

try these drawings for reference…

maybe use the eyedropper and use colors from these?

hope that helps 

this is for the multiple color asks received



Just reached 7,000 followers! As a little “thanks”, here’s a small piece from my student film. (Sorry about the crappy gif quality…)

You guys rock, THANK YOU! x



Haven’t had the time to do any finished work, so here’s a warm-up and another (wip) version of the kelpie.


Lord of the Rings: War in the North.

Game Artists: Ilya Nazarov, Steve Firchow, Philip Straub

Why you do this? D:

Production DesignConstantine (2005)

That was actually a combination of me and the visual effects supervisor and the production designer sitting down and sort of coming up with the biological growth that’s growing all over the cars and what that looks like and the color palette. And we started to look at the nuclear test films from the 1940s of the nuclear blasts and just decided that it would be great if the landscape was not only violent with these creatures, but also the atmosphere. So we decided that it was kind of an eternal nuclear blast except nothing ever really gets obliterated because it’s eternal and it’s constantly going. - director Francis Lawrence on the appearance of Hell; P.D. by Naomi Shohan


45 years ago, three astronauts blasted off on a mission to put man on the moon.






someone’s building an actual Krusty Krab less than 6 miles from where i live

no really, it’s in construction


it’s coming along nicely


they put up the flags








Canid girlfriends and bun pals

Hahaha Kristin I imagine that Wren might do this~


endless list of films with gorgeous visuals → Treasure Planet (2002)

Dang it, Jim. I’m an astronomer, not a doctor! I mean, I am a doctor, but I’m not that kind of doctor. I have a doctorate, it’s not the same thing. You can’t help people with a doctorate. You just sit there and you’re useless!

WHY is this movie not appreciated as much as it should be? D:

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I’ve mastered the skill of feeling guilty for asking for anything


Artist Chiara Bautista